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CM from Mathilda /Link to : Link to :

CM from Alex. S;
I looked at the corner, it wasn’t there, I ignored it, check the browser language before – if it’s not german, default to english/ Job opportunities does not look like a link. Looks like text`/ icon without ; Then don’t zoom /

  • opportunities does not look like a link. Looks like text
  • `a doctoral researcher`, `one/two/many doctoral researchers` blabla. Is that a postdoc?

don’t put action where one is not granted /

There is an icon between each section: Like two arrows down. They don’t work. I would expect them to
– when I click the first one, for example, to scroll the text down, so I can read the “About Ki:ste”
– Be a link back to the top, but there’s nothing at the top that shows that there are `about, work packages, partners, hiring’ – this is missing / working hours on a website is like WTF /

  • the favicon is unreadable. Remove the ball and use the barcode
  • it helps you to make it better

job opportunity or opportunities? both are in the website

About has a link on top, project partners has a link on top, jobs, and contact. But “work packages” is missing

the cookie policy is weird / the search is broken. If I write “job opportunity”, it takes me to the to do page