PhD Project Pitches

KI:STE welcomes the new year by sharing goals and planning further collaboration. 

KISTE project partners met yesterday to discuss the PhD projects within the different Earth system science disciplines. Each doctoral researcher presented her/his PhD plan and the panel discussed common goals. 

Data sets and data types within Earth system science are very diverse and the interdisciplinary problem statements will benefit from shared data usage. Moreover, focussing on one region will help highlight Earthy system challenges from different points of view. We will start with a comprehensive view on Europe and then broaden the research fields to other continents. 

Most PhD project plans also touched on another relevant aspect  –  explainable AI (XAI). It is crucial for the scientific community to understand how AI makes decisions, classifications or forecasts. Within KISTE, we need standards for interpretability, even though XAI methods will vary depending on the data and AI methods used. We hope to develop such XAI standards by the spring of 2021.

Stay tuned!