Introducing Ambrosys

Ambrosys ( is a dynamic company with a strong research and development profile. Our work is focused on software development for artificial intelligence and data science. Our diverse team of physicists, computer scientists and mathematicians, mixes the best of all disciplines into one team for consistent development. By enforcing flat hierarchies and responsibilities, we enable us to have fun with challenging tasks. Topics are often related to our background in complex systems theory and application: from state-of-the-art positioning algorithms over the production and distribution of renewable energy to the analysis and prediction of movement of single vehicles and fleets of cars. Said this, it is obvious that we rather focus on content than on sectors, such as mobility, energy, complex systems. We are multilingual using Python, C++, Scala, Javascript/Typescript, Go, Java; in AI we use existing frameworks together with our own development.

For the KI:STE project we build the KI:STE AI-platform to ease AI usage for scientists and ensure the reproducibility of AI experiments. Based on our spin-off’s mantik platform (, we implement a cloud-based plug-and-play framework for AI. All common frameworks (e.g. tensorow, sklearn etc.) are abstracted so they can be used out-of-the-box without framework specific user knowledge required. The KI:STE AI-platform aims at a native support of execution of workloads in a local, cloud or HPC environment.

Author: Thomas Seidler, Ambrosys GmbH