The Institute of Bio- and Geosciences: Agrosphere

Climate and land use change have impacts on the terrestrial climate, and these impacts must be anticipated and controlled. At the Institute of Bio- and Geosciences: Agrosphere (IBG-3, Forschungszentrum Jülich), we study and develop adaptation strategies to deal with different compartments of terrestrial systems on various spatial and temporal scales for tracking the climate and land use impacts. Development of such strategies, however, is hindered by our limited capacity to predict states and fluxes in terrestrial systems, and this concern is at the center of the institute’s research activities.

Research at IBG-3 is organized in three research areas: 1) Modelling of terrestrial systems, 2) Environmental processes and technologies and 3) Terrestrial biogeochemistry. Our group falls under the first research area focusing on integrated modeling of the terrestrial systems. The group consists of professors, (senior) research scientists, programmers, and PhD students.

As part of KISTE, we develop AI methods to combine terrestrial simulations with observational data towards better quantitative estimations and predictions of extreme hydrometeorological events such as floods and droughts which are challenging to be obtained by model simulations only.

Author: Kaveh Patakchi, PhD in IBG-3 Jülich Research Center