Supercomputing in Jülich

Julich Supercomputing Center (JSC) is host of a leading supercomputing infrastructure in Europe. The center gathers around 200 experts of various scientific disciplines including but not limited to quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics and Earth monitoring. The scope of the center is to push research forward leveraging the power of high performance computing.  

Earth System Data Exploration (ESDE) research group, part of JSC, develops methods which exploit Earth system data utilising world-class high performance computing services. More specifically, the purpose of our team is to analyze air pollution, weather and climate data with the help of state-of-the-art deep learning methods.

Our team is composed of experts of different profiles. Being involved in cutting edge research, besides the Earth sciences experts, our group has been enlarged with data science and deep learning professionals. With this combination of profiles, the team can solve challenging tasks which involve the prediction improvement of variables of complex systems.

In terms of KI:STE, various projects from our team will be deployed into the KI:STE AI platform. Through the software engineers of our team, the research works will become publishable and accessible to a non-expert audience. The platform will include works that consist in areas such as weather forecasting and air quality forecasting. The respective applications will be easy to use from scientists with limited background in computer science and deep learning.

Author: Enxhi Kreshpa (JSC)